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3 course menu



The kitchen brigade prepares the tastiest starters for you
  • Beef carpaccio

    Beef carpaccio with sliced Grana Padano cheese sundried tomatoes, olives and truffle mayonnaise

  • soup

    Tomato-, Dutch vegetable-, mustard-, of onionsoup

  • Smoked salmon

    Smoked salmon, served with onions, capers and dill sauce

  • Feta salad *

    Feta salad with olives, cucumber, tomato and a creamy dressing

    * Vegetarian


Our chefs make a great plate of every main course
  • Fried salmon

    Fried salmon served with bearnaise sauce

  • Lasagna

    Lasagna, cooked in the oven with cheese

  • Black Angus steak

    Black Angus steak, served with mushrooms and herb butter

  • Stuffed chicken filet

    Stuffed chicken filet with cream cheese and herbs, wrapped in bacon, with a cheese sauce

  • Pork tenderloin stuffed

    Pork tenderloin stuffed with brie cheese and wrapped in bacon, cooked in the oven, served with cream sauce



The most delicious desserts
  • Vanilla ice cream

    Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and whipped cream

  • Crème brûlée

    Crème brûlée with vanilla ice cream

  • Van der Valk sorbet

    Original “Van der Valk” sorbet

  • Emmen coffee

    Emmen coffee, coffee with cream and candy, with a liquor of your choice